Kodagu superintendent of police P. Rajendra Prasad (in picture) has also not been spared by touts soliciting business for homestays in Coorg.

Addressing a meeting recently at Madikeri, the SP recalled how his vehicle was stopped around midnight by agents of homestays, asking him whether he wanted to stay at their homestay. They scooted only after he revealed his identity.

With illegal homestays mushrooming in Coorg, touts are pestering tourists visiting the district. The SP went to the extent of saying these touts are posing a “law and order problem.”

It is not just the touts who are posing a problem. Cases of honey-trapping of tourists have been reported regularly in Coorg. It is no secret that many homestays are involved in flesh trade.

The concept of homestays in Coorg which was earlier meant to offer the tourist an authentic experience of living with a Coorg family and tasting some of the local cuisine, has now become a money-making racket.

The Kodagu district administration has to take the main blame for its failure to act against illegal homestay which outnumber government-recognised homestays.



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  1. Sundar Muthanna
    Sundar Muthanna says:

    I wonder why the illegal homestays are not closed down despite repeated complaints by the people.

    Is there a lobby or vote bank stopping action?


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