By P.T. Bopanna

Though it was an open secret that rave parties were being held in some of the homestays in Coorg, perhaps for the first time the Kodagu police have succeeded in busting a well-organised racket.

A police team led by superintendent of police Suman D Pannekar (in picture) raided a homestay at Nelaji village near Napoklu on Saturday evening where a party was in progress with DJ music being played on loudspeakers and arrested five persons, including the owner of the homestay A-1 Glamping, Maleyanda A Appanna. 

Those arrested include Jude Pereira of Pune, Shankar Shanthanu of Mumbai, Sairam Ramesh of Cambridge layout in Bengaluru, and M V Ishwar of Mathikere in Bengaluru.

The Kodagu SP said: “They were probably part of an organised network, given the number of revellers at the party. It is a guarded area and permission was given only for an anniversary party.”

The owner had reportedly taken permission to host the party to celebrate the first anniversary of the homestay. Reports said there were over 70 revellers, high on party pills. Only those in possession of ganja were detained.

The police seized 29-gram charas, pipes, machines used for powdering ganja, musical instruments, generator, mini lorry and cigarette paper.

The Kodagu police should be complimented for unearthing the racket. The nefarious activities that go on in several illegal homestays should be dealt with an iron hand to ensure that the reputation of the homestay industry in Coorg is not damaged.

The Kodagu district administration should be blamed for not clamping down on the illegal homestays which outnumber registered homestays.   


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